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Floral Trends in the Fashion World

The fashion world has always impressed with its ability to change and surprise. However, in recent years, one of the most noticeable trends is the use of floral motifs. From floral patterns on clothing to real floral arrangements on runways, flowers have become an integral part of the fashion industry. In this blog, we will explore the most popular floral trends that are captivating the fashion world today.

1. Floral Prints on Clothing

Floral prints never go out of style. They always add lightness and romance to any look. In 2024, designers are actively using large floral motifs on dresses, blouses, and even suits. These prints can be both bright and colorful or gentle and pastel.

2. Floral Accessories

Floral accessories have become a real hit. These can be floral headbands, hairpins, earrings, or bracelets. Such accessories add uniqueness and a sense of freshness to the look. They are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

3. Flowers on Runways

In recent years, many designers have decided to use real flowers in their shows. These can be both decorations and part of the models' outfits. This approach adds a special charm to the shows and creates an unforgettable atmosphere.

4. Floral Bags

Bags with floral prints or adorned with real flowers have become a real must-have for fashionistas. They can be designed in various styles, from classic to avant-garde, but they always look stylish and original.

5. Florals in Wedding Fashion

Wedding fashion has always been closely associated with flowers. But in recent years, floral trends have taken on new forms. Brides choose dresses with floral appliques, bouquets of fresh flowers, floral hair accessories, and even floral arches for the ceremony. Flowers have become a symbol of beauty and tenderness that reflects all the magic of the wedding day.

6. Eco-Floristry

Modern fashion is increasingly oriented towards sustainability. Eco-floristry has become an important trend, which includes the use of environmentally friendly materials and live plants that can be transplanted after the event. It's not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible.


Floral trends in fashion continue to captivate and inspire. They add a special charm to clothes and accessories, making them more lively and original. At V DUMTSI, we always follow the latest trends and offer our clients the best floral solutions for creating unique looks. Stay with us and learn more about the world of fashion and floristry!

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