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Kenzan: The Florist's Faithful Companion

In the world of flowers and floristry, there are many tools that help transform ordinary flowers into design masterpieces. One such tool is the kenzan, or "flower frog". Let me tell you more about this useful tool, its history, and how to use it to create beautiful compositions.

History of Kenzan: The origin of kenzan dates back to 15th century Japan. The name of this tool translates as "metal horizon", and this indicates its purpose. Kenzan was invented for the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging - ikebana. Its sharp spikes allow flower stems to be firmly fixed, making it an indispensable helper for creating harmonious compositions.

How to Use Kenzan:

Preparing Flowers: Start by cutting the flower stems and removing leaves that will be submerged in water.

Placing the Kenzan: Place the kenzan at the bottom of the vase or container you have chosen for your composition.

Piercing the Flowers: Begin inserting the flower stems into the kenzan. The sharp spikes help keep the stems in the desired position.

Creating the Composition: Insert the flowers in the order that suits you. Use the kenzan to ensure they stand firmly and look according to your design.

Additional Details: After the main flowers are inserted, add decorative elements - greenery, branches, leaves, which will highlight the uniqueness of your composition.

Kenzan is not just a tool, but a way to embody your creativity and attention to detail in each floral composition. It makes arranging simpler and ensures the stability of the flowers, allowing you to enjoy your own masterpieces and bring joy to others.

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