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Using Local and Seasonal Flowers: Benefits and Creating Seasonal Arrangements

Using local and seasonal flowers in floristry is becoming increasingly popular. It is not only environmentally responsible but also economically beneficial. In this post, we will explore the advantages of using local flowers and tips on creating seasonal arrangements.

Benefits of Using Local Flowers

  1. Freshness and Quality Local flowers are grown nearby and quickly delivered to your studio, ensuring their freshness. This means they retain their appearance and fragrance for a longer time.

  2. Supporting Local Producers By using flowers from local farmers, you support the economy of your region. This promotes the development of local farms and strengthens the community.

  3. Environmental Friendliness Local flowers do not require long-distance transportation, which reduces carbon emissions. This makes your business more environmentally responsible and contributes to environmental preservation.

  4. Economic Advantage Since local flowers do not require extensive transportation costs, their price is usually lower. This allows you to reduce expenses and offer more competitive prices to your customers.

  5. Variety of Seasonal Flowers Using seasonal flowers allows you to create unique arrangements that correspond to a specific time of year. This adds a special charm to your bouquets and makes them more relevant.

Creating Seasonal Arrangements

  1. Spring Arrangements Spring is the time for delicate and bright flowers. Use tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and other spring flowers to create light and fresh bouquets.

  2. Summer Arrangements In summer, choose flowers with rich colors, such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, lilies, and roses. Combine them with greenery to create vibrant and lush bouquets.

  3. Autumn Arrangements Autumn offers a rich selection of warm and deep shades. Use chrysanthemums, asters, dahlias, and other autumn flowers to create arrangements with warm colors.

  4. Winter Arrangements Winter bouquets can include evergreen plants, pine branches, berries, and even dried flowers. Add white flowers to them to create a festive atmosphere.


Using local and seasonal flowers in floristry has numerous advantages. It not only supports local producers and helps preserve the environment but also allows you to create unique and relevant arrangements. At V DUMTSI, we always prioritize local and seasonal flowers to offer our customers the best bouquets. Visit our studio in Lviv and experience the benefits of using local flowers!

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