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What Do Florists Do? Everything You Need to Know About This Profession

Florists are artists who work with flowers and plants to create beautiful arrangements. However, their work encompasses much more than just arranging flowers. Let’s take a closer look at what florists actually do.

Flower Arrangement

The primary task of a florist is to create floral compositions, which can vary from bouquets, wreaths, event decorations, to gift baskets with flowers, and more. Florists must understand design principles, know color harmony, and be able to combine different types of flowers and greenery to create aesthetically pleasing arrangements.

Client Consultation

Florists often communicate with clients to understand their needs and desires. They provide advice on flower selection, help determine style and color scheme, and often work on custom projects like wedding bouquets or event decor.

Care for Flowers and Plants

Taking care of the flowers and plants in the store or studio is also part of a florist's duties. This includes watering, pruning, feeding, and other procedures that ensure the freshness and longevity of floral compositions.

Event Planning and Decorating

Florists frequently participate in planning and decorating for various events, including weddings, corporate parties, festive occasions, and more. They develop decor concepts, organize the delivery and arrangement of floral decorations.

Learning and Development

Professional development is an important aspect of a florist's career. They continuously learn new arrangement techniques, follow design trends, and participate in exhibitions, seminars, and workshops.


Being a florist is not just about arranging flowers; it is an art and science that requires creativity, knowledge, and skills in many areas. Florists create beauty and harmony, bringing joy to people through their floral compositions.

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